Servicom launches an invitation to tender for the acquisition of the vehicles of various types & models

In order to renew its vehicle fleet, SERVICOM launches an invitation to tender divided into four batches detailed as follows:

1Small size private cars( 4 à 5 CV : 75 CV DIN )46
2 Model private cars average( 5 à 6 CV : 110 CV DIN )13
3Utilities 02 doors2230
4Pickup 04 doors1725


  • All the tenderers can take part in one or more batches and must accompany their financial offers with the technical specifications by the vehicles.
  • For all the batches a warning system must be provided in series.
  • For batches 3 and 4 the preparing of the vehicles according to the model required is obligatory.
  • The offers will be placed in a closed envelope indicating only the following mentions: NOT TO OPEN Invitation to tender Acquisition of Vehicles.
  • Handingover of the offers: The offers must arrive by post way by registered mail with acknowledgement of delivery or by Rapidstation or be handed in directly against acknowledgement of delivery to the office of order of SERVICOM at the address 65Street of energy (8601) 2035 Charguia I Tunis | TUNISIA.
  • Deadline of the reception of the offers:

Only the folds received at the latest, the 3/23/2017 at 18:00 mn will be declared admissible (the seal of the office of order will make liver).

  •   Validity of the offers:

      The tenderers will remain committed by their offers during a 90 days deadline as from the day which follows the deadline fixed for the reception of the offers.
For the requests for explanations, the tenderers will be able to use the email: